Age Groups

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45 days-12 months

The baby room has a lovely atmosphere of calm and tranquillity, where babies can explore and learn with all the age appropriate resources we have available. Our staff are all fully trained to the highest standards. So you can be reassured your baby is having the optimised quality of care where they have a safe space to play, eat and sleep in a secure and stimulating environment.

1-2 age group

At this age children are fully embracing the world around them and learning extremely quicklyWe ensure to treat each child as an individual and give them the time and space to develop at their own pace. We cater our activities to be engaging and sensory based at this age to allow children to fully get involved in the learning process.

2-3 age group

Young children learn best when they have hands on experiences. In pre school we continue to give children all the skills and knowledge they will need to have a life long love of learning. We do this through many play based activities, as well as group and individual activities.

We believe that learning should be fun as then children are more engaged in what they are learning. We encourage our pre-school children to make choices with their learning and engage in meaningful conversation about the world around them.

3-4 age group

At Bedayati we pride ourselves in offering the best possible start for your child with their transition into school. Our highly qualified staff always take the time to get to know your child as an individual and encourage them to form a love of learning.

All our staff are fully qualified in the most up to date EYFS curriculum and at this age children are slowly introduced to a broad variety of subjects. At Bedayati your child is provided with a variety of different challenges through active and independent learning. This allows them to develop their physical, emotional and cognitive skills in order to gain the independence and confidence they will need to succeed through school and life.

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