Parent communication

At Bedayati we are using the Edu-core app in order to communicate with parents. Once downloading the app to your phone you will receive daily updates on your child from the class teacher. You will be able to see what your child eats, drinks, how long they take their nap for and how many times they go to the toilet. The educore app also allows you to receive daily photos of your child, so you can see what they are doing throughout the day and how much fun they are having.

The app also allows you to communicate with your child’s class teacher through the chat function, which means you know you can always have contact throughout the nursery day. Observations are also done monthly of your child through the app so that you can also see the progress your child is making. We will also send out our monthly newsletters and notify parents of any upcoming key events through the app as well.

Get To Know Us

You will need to first register your interest online of via our WhatsApp and then someone from our team will be in contact to ask for the additional information we will need in order to register your child. We currently offer 5 days a week but please do enquire if you would prefer and 3 day week as this is also an option, we then will start by asking you to select your timings:

Early drop off any time from 6:30 - 7:30

8:00am - 2:00pm

8:00am - 3:00 pm

8:00am - 4:00pm

8:00am - 5:00pm

8:00am - 6:00pm

Registration form

6 Personal photos of your child

Copy of childs birth certificate

Copy of childs immunisation records

Copy of childs medical insurance

Copy of childs emirates ID, passport and valid visa

Copy of fathers passport and valid visa

Copy of mothers passport and valid visa

Copy of mothers Emirates ID

Copy of Fathers Emirates ID

Payment policy

Illness Policy

Health and Safety

At Bedayati we believe Health and Safety is very important. We therefore have taken the additional steps in order to prioritise your child’s safety throughout their time with us.

• We offer a card entry only policy for entry into the nursery. Once registering your child you will receive your card with your child’s picture on.

• We have CCTV in all our classrooms that are for internal use only.

• We do daily safety checks of all classrooms and outdoor areas to make sure everything is safe for the children before their arrival at nursery.

• The outside areas are all fenced and ensured that no child can get out of the nursery. We also have fenced off different areas for different age groups.

• If for some reason parents cannot pick up, the nursery is to be informed prior to pick up and a copy of the person designated to collect ID is to be sent to the nursery so we are able to identify them.

Settling in Policy


All children take different variations of time in order to settle into a nursery setting. We therefore believe that each child should be given their own time to settle, according to their own stage of development. We want children to feel safe and secure in the nursery setting so that they feel comfortable and cared for throughout their time at nursery.


Our aim at Bedayati nursery is to ensure that we implement settling processes, that both the child and parents feel comfortable with. We recognise the importance of taking the right time and patience in order to accommodate our students. Our teachers are dedicated to implementing different welcoming strategies to ensure your child feels welcome and calm when entering the classroom.


• Before a child starts at the nursery, it is vital that meetings are had with parents to discuss with them the different approaches we have in order to make sure their child settles smoothly into the nursery setting.

• Parents should bring their child to the nursery classroom to meet the teacher and familiarize themselves with the setting prior tothe child’s first day.

• Once the child starts at nursery we work with parents on what the best settling technique should be and work alongside parents to come up with the best strategy.

• We would suggest that parents stay with thier child for a limited time when dropping thier child for the first time. No more than 5-10 mins. From our experience the longer you stay the more anxiety your child will get about you leaving and its best to leave sooner. Once settled we can reassure you with pictures and videos through our EducoreApp.

• We would then steadily increase the time your child spends in the class as he/she will begin to bond with the nursery staff and peers.

• We advise to only leave your child for short times to begin with. This can be discussed with the class teacher but for the first week we suggest that your child only be left for a few hours until they feel fully settled into the nursery.

• Each child goes at their own pace in order to settle into nursery. The teachers and teaching assistants are their to support you every step of the way. They are also highly qualified to care for them and implement to best settling in techniques to help your child transition. However, we suggest not increasing the time until your child arrives happily and leaves happily from nursery, in order for your child to not become distressed.

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