Uncollected Children Procedure

If the nominated adult does not collect a child at the end of the session, the following procedure will be followed:

  • Staff will ring the parent/carer as soon as the child is picked up late.
  • If staff cannot get a response from the parent/carer, they will ring the emergency numbers on the child’s registration from one by one to ask for an alternative person to collect the child.
  • If staff cannot contact anyone on the emergency numbers list, then local services will be informed, and their advice followed. If you think you may be late collecting your child, you must call the nursery in advance.
  • Staff will ask parents to amend contact numbers as required on a regular basis, to ensure that numbers are kept up to date.

If a child is repeatedly late being collected, a reminder letter and/or a meeting will be arranged with the parent/carer. Late fees are applicable each time a child is picked up late. If lateness continues to happen, the child’s place at the nursery may be jeopardized.

We are not insured to have children remain on the premises past or before our allotted session times.