Partnership with families’ Policy

Our objective is to ensure all the families of children enrolled in Bedayati Nursery have the opportunity to share and exchange information about their child with practitioners.

Our aim is to develop an honest, open and supportive relationship which compliments life in your home rather than contradicts it. We are very aware of our influence as role models to your child and without your extensive knowledge of your child; we would be unable to enhance your child’s development. Nursery staff is always available to discuss your child and their development.

Bedayati Nursery recognizes the family as the cornerstone for healthy child development and well-being. Practitioners will strive to work in partnership with families to ensure the provision of quality care for young children.

We acknowledge the social and cultural diversity of families within the community and the uniqueness of each family in relation to parenting practices.

Strategies and practices

  • Parents are welcome to attend the nursery and discuss their child’s development with key workers at time suitable for both.
  • Practitioners will share any information with the parents on a regular basis, either written or verbal.
  • Practitioners may communicate information with the parents via email but are not permitted to communicate information via Facebook, twitter or any other social network.
  • Practitioners will engage in shared decision making with parents in relation to key education and care issues such as transitioning to another room, behavior management, health issues, toileting, introduction of new food etc.
  • All emails to/from parents will be printed and filed.
  • Parents may request as appointment to discuss issues of concerns or sensitive nature with practitioners at a time convenient for both.
  • Parents will be encouraged to share information about their child and family with key workers, however the right privacy is respected.
  • Any information of a sensitive nature communicated by parents will be regarded as confidential.
  • Parents may request to read their child’s learning journeys at any time.
  • Practitioners will provide parents with two written reports throughout the year detailing the child’s progress.
  • The nursery will produce a monthly newsletter which will be distributed via email.
  • The nursery will display a copy of planned activities and learning intentions in each classroom.
  • The nursery will display information to parents on a range of topics related to areas of interest such as child’s development, nutrition, parenting issues, play, health and safety as well as provide links to useful websites, on a parent’s notice board.