Late Collection Policy

The nursery’s regular school hours are 8:00am to 3:00pm. At registration, all parents sign to say that they will abide by the terms and conditions of the nursery, and that they will keep to their agreed times of attendance.

Late collection after 3:00pm will incur the following charges to cover emergency staffing costs: AED 25 charge per hour for any child collection after 3:00pm onwards. These charges are added onto your statement.

Parents who know they are going to be late collecting their child must inform the nursery with an approximate time of arrival. Repeated late collection and persistent disregard for the Nursery’s opening hours may jeopardize your child’s place at Bedayati Nursery.

It is our policy to release a child only to the parents, or another previously agreed adult. If someone else is to pick up the child, the parents must notify us ahead of time in writing or by calling the nursery reception. Staff must not allow someone not on a list of authorization provided by the parents to collect a child. If staff has not been introduced to emergency contacts or other authorized collectors, then we will need to ask for identification. This is a measure taken for the child’s protection. Staff should only release a child into the care of an agreed adult.

Collection Policy

Parents are not allowed to go inside the classroom upon picking up the children. Parents are only asked to wait in the reception area until the child’s key person brings him/her.