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The classroom

The nursery classroom is fully equipped with the latest technological and learning resources  that enhance the learning experience for your child. We have also built Montessori classroom to strengthen the child’s ability to learn independently – enriched with a sensorial corner, a practical life corner, a math corner and a science corner.


We want our students to fall in love with reading & have provided a wide variety of education and fun books for them to choose from in our library.

Science Room

A space for the children to learn and explore about the world of science in a fun and interactive way.

Theme room

We have different theme each month in this specific room so that the children can immerse themselves and develop their talents and language skills.

Pet room

We house domestic animals such as small fishes and birds and allow the kids to feed them under supervision from our staff.


In the Bedayati gym we encourage the children to exercise and use their energy through games and competitions.

Pretend Area

Each corner of our pretend area has different scenario for your child to role-play and learn about relevant subject.

Play Area

We provide safe areas outside the classroom for children to explore, play and discover new social experiences. This allows them to develop their confidence and personality whilst being supervised by certified professionals at all times.

Phone: +971 (0) 2445 554 3 / +971 (0) 2 444 4490
Mobile: +971 (0) 50 642 4000 / +971 (0) 52 912 0580
Al Najda Street - Behind Abu Dhabi Women’s College
Delma Street – Beside Canadian Medical Center
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