Arrival and Departure Policy

Bedayati Nursery aims to provide a safe and smooth arrival and departure into and
from the nursery environment.

Procedures for visitor’s arrival and departure

All the visitors are required to sign in the log book located in the main reception. They
are also required to sign out on their departure from the premises. It shall be the
responsibility of the member of the staff overseeing the visitor to make this happens.
The entry in the log book should include their full name, signature and times of their
arrival and departures.

Leaving Children

Children must be brought to the nursery in good time for their session to ensure that
they can benefit from the routine of the nursery day and to avoid any disruptions to the
class. Parents are asked to place any coats and bags in the appropriate places and then
take their children into their classrooms. Parents should then sign their children into
the log book in the reception.

Collecting Children

In the interest of safe guarding, the nursery should be informed if anyone other than the
parents/guardian or other authorized person mentioned collects your child. In the
event, where is the child cannot be collected by someone who is not authorized person
to collect, parents are asked to follow the following procedure.