Accident, Incident and Illness Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that when an accident occurs in Bedayati Nursery appropriate action is taken and accurate information is recorded and communicated. An accident is classed as an occurrence which has resulted to an injury to one or more person.

Who is Responsible?

It is the responsibility of every member of the staff to ensure that accidents and injuries are dealt with in a calm manner. It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that all the member of the staff understands the correct procedures of the policy. The nurse is responsible to hold a valid first aid certificate, to be available at all times during nursery timings (8:00 – 0:00) and to administer any first aid or medication required. It is the responsibility of the member of the staff who has dealt with any accident to write the accident report and ensure that it is signed by the parents/guardian of the child od children involve. It is the responsibility of the nurse to ensure that the first aid box is restocked on a regular basis.

How the policy is implemented?

The manager is responsible to making sure that all medical information and emergency contact details on the children’s registration document are up to date and accurate. When an accident occurs it is the responsibility of the nurse to determine whether the injury can be dealt with in the setting or if medical assistance is required.

Minor Injuries

If the injury is minor and does not need medical assistance the nurse should address the
injury and complete an accident record, this record will be signed by the nurse and by
the parent or carer of the child. If the injury is minor but requires medical assistance the
nurse should contact the parents or carer to inform them of the accident and the actions
that have been taken.

If the injury is serious and hospital treatment is required a member of the staff calls an
ambulance immediately and a member of staff should accompany them to the hospital.
A member of staff should inform the parents or carer of the child (or an emergency
contact) immediately and inform them of the accident and the hospital the child has
been taken to. Upon returning to the setting the nurse should complete the accident
report and have it ready for the parents to sign.

In case of serious incident where the child has stopped breathing, lost consciousness or
not responding, apply first aid and/ CPR until emergency medical help arrives.

Recording Accidents and Injuries

All accidents and injuries, however minor must be recorded in the accident book which
is kept with the nurse.

Reporting any accidents and incidents from home

Parents are required to report to the nursery/key worker that their child may have had
from home. This is to make sure that the staff at the nursery may keep an eye on the

This is important specially accidents, where a child may have hit their head. Parents
would then be asked to give a brief written report which they would be asked to sign. A
verbal report could be given if parents are running late. This would be recorded by the
staff and parents to sign when the child is picked up.
The accident record should include the following:

  • Name of the child
  • Date and time of accident
  • How the accident occurred
  • The extend of the injury
  • What treatment if any was given

In the event of an accident or serious incident requiring the child being taken to the
hospital, the child’s parents/guardian must be contacted as soon as possible.

The accident/incident/illness form must be sign by the parent/guardian within 3
working days.