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About Bedayati Nursery


Bedayati Nursery is considered the second home for your child. We are committed to providing the best day care and pre-school services available and are happy to celebrate their childhood and have devoted our attention to that matter. Nurseries are considered the best place to keep the mental and physical health of the child from the very first months, where interest lies in the development of his/her sense of security, love , stability and to provide safety and care for them.


Our mission in Bedayati Nursery is to produce children that are happy, creative and enjoying life’s pleasures in an atmosphere of fun. Also, provide them with the necessary confidence and care they deserve while providing a superior service quality and provision of health care.


We have clear goals and look forward to their implementation with the help of the a competent administrators and teachers. These goals are :

  • Refining the child’s personality and developing his/her skills, talents and both the scientific and practical abilities.
  • Providing an opportunity for children to express themselves and to identify what is going on in his/her mind.
  • Modifying the behavior of the child in accordance with the Arab and Islamic identity and the foundations of modern education.
  • Enabling the child to exercise his/her rights to play and unloading energies through purposeful educational and recreational activities.
  • Providing a developed American curriculum using teaching techniques that enable the child who is starting to learn English or French as second languages, to speak and understand them and be able to communicate in English or French like native speakers.
  • Establish the Arab culture and install national identity in the hearts of our children.

Health Care

The health and safety of your children is very important for us, and in order to provide a healthy and safe environment for all children, Bedayati Nursery take into account the following

  • Bedayati Nursery’s doctor visits the children in class periodically.
  • The nurse on ground visits all classes during the day to take the child’s temperature and follow up on his/her health concerns.
  • In case of accident, the nurse will follow first aid procedures and parents will be notified immediately.
  • Parents must notify the nursery in case the child will be absent.
  • Parents must notify the administration about any surgeries, and any allergies that the child has from any medication and/or food (including and not limited to asthma, allergy from inhalers and food like nuts, dairy, etc). Genetic diseases such as epilepsy or something must be considered by informing the nursery.


Why Bedayati Nursery ?

  • Provides healthy environment that is stimulating and suitable for children to learn and play.
  • Strengthens positive values for children.
  • Builds a sense of innovation and develop the senses.
  • Strengthens the value of love for science and knowledge by providing encouragement and reassurance.
  • Strengthens the ability of the child to grow and learn through providing the best early years education services.
Phone: +971 (0) 2445 554 3 / +971 (0) 2 444 4490
Mobile: +971 (0) 50 642 4000 / +971 (0) 52 912 0580
Al Najda Street - Behind Abu Dhabi Women’s College
Delma Street – Beside Canadian Medical Center
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