Health care

The health and safety of your children is very important for us, and in order to provide a healthy and safe environment for all children, Bedayati Nursery take into account the following

  • Bedayati Nursery’s doctor visits the children in class periodically.
  • The nurse resides in Bedayati Nursery permanently and will visit all classes during the day to take the child's temperature and follow his/her health concerns.
  • In the case of an accident, God forbid, while she/he are in Bedayati Nursery, the nurse will follow first aid procedures. Parents will be notified immediately to come to Bedayati Nursery
  • Parents must notify Bedayati Nursery in the case that will be absent and what the cause of the absence is.
  • Parents must notify Bedayati Nursery’s administration about any prior surgeries, and any allergies that the child has from any medication and/ or food (Including and not limited to asthma, allergy from inhalers and food like nuts, dairy, etc.). Genetic diseases such as epilepsy or something like that must be taken into account and Bedayati Nursery must be notified of such cases.