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Events and Celebrations

Celebrations of the religious and national occasions such as Eid Alfitr, Eid Aladha, Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) Birth, New Year's holiday, World Children's Day and National Day

Celebrating the child's birthday can be celebrated if the parents contact Bedayati Nursery prior to the birthday so that the necessary measurements and arrangements can be taken.


Children take strolls on a regular basis in designated areas at the different times of the year.

Visits and trips outside are linked to some of the subject and activities in Bedayati Nursery, and are suitable for children' ages. This is done according to the climate and atmosphere and the children are accompanied by their teachers and teacher's assistants on Bedayati Nursery buses.

Sunday 7th September The Beginning of the Academic Year
Sunday/Monday/Tuesday 5th-7th October *Eid Al Adha
To be announced by Ministry *Hijri New Year
Tuesday/Wednesday 2nd-3rd December *National Day
Winter Camp - December 21st – 31st December Events
Sunday 21st December First Day of Winter Camp
Wednesday 31st December Last Day of Winter Camp
Winter Term 5th January– 26th March Events
Monday 5th January First Day of Term II
Thursday 26th March Last Day of Term II
Spring Camp 29th March – 9th April Events
Sunday 29th March First Day of Spring Camp
Thursday 9th April Last Day of Spring Camp
Spring Term 29th March – 9th April Events
Sunday 12th April First Day of Term III
To be announced by Ministry *Isra wal Miraj
Thursday 25th June Last Day of Term III
Summer Camp 28th June – 13th August